Daily Archives: 14 febrero, 2020

The racism denier in charge of defending black rights in Brazil

Image copyright Reuters Image caption President Bolsonaro’s recent appointments have been criticised in Brazil Jair Bolsonaro isn’t new to controversial hires. When Damares Alves was appointed Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, she proclaimed that this was a “new era in Brazil: boys wear blue and girls wear pink”. “Nobody will stop us calling…

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Labour leadership: Emily Thornberry eliminated from race

Image copyright PA Media Emily Thornberry has been eliminated from the Labour leadership race after failing to secure enough nominations. At the midnight Friday deadline, the shadow foreign secretary had 31 nominations from local constituency parties – two short of the 33 needed. She did not get any nominations from Labour Party affiliates – the…

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Crossing Divides: Why ‘cartooning’ political opponents is bad for us

Image copyright EPA Historians may puzzle over how the UK’s Brexit debate sometimes resembled a battle between snowflakes and gammons. “Snowflake”, used dismissively to suggest younger generations might melt if confronted with the harsh realities of life, was readily applied to the stereotypical urban Remainer. Meanwhile, the caricature of Brexiteers as older men, cheeks ruddy…

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