Daily Archives: 6 marzo, 2020

Sean Hannity says Dems, ‘media mob’ weaponizing coronavirus against President Trump: ‘Predictable and disgraceful’

Sean Hannity called out Democrats and the media for using the coronavirus outbreak as a “weapon” to attack President Trump, saying such rhetoric is unfair to the president. “The mob in the media, Democrats. What do they do? ‘I want to use a deadly virus as a political weapon against the president,’ seemingly rooting for this…

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Bill Maher says coronavirus ‘overreactions’ making him ‘sick’: ‘People die! That’s what happens in life!’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher complained about the hype that has surrounded the coronavirus, comparing it to the “Y2K” computer bug that was supposed to cause tech havoc back at the turn of the century. “Speaking of overreactions,” Maher said as he segued from a discussion about the sudden retirement of MSNBC‘s Chris Matthews, “I’m…

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