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There are numerous species currently in danger of extinction. Most of them are caused directly or indirectly by man: climate change, destruction of their habitat, illegal hunting, etc.

We will show you a list with 10 species that are critically in danger of extinction, but there are many more: whales, certain shark species, polar bears, etc. Only ambitious plans for protection can save these fascinating species.

Unfortunately, there are some other animals that we can only see in picturesTop 10 extinct animals.

Javan rhinoceros

Hunted especially for the properties of its horn used in traditional Chinese medicine and as decoration. There were only about 29 of these animals in the island of Java, Indonesia, in 2012.


One of the fastest animals on the planet, the cheetah, is in serious danger of extinction.

The species, with presence in almost the entire African continent and certain areas of Asia, lived a situation of vulnerability that unfortunately has recently become dangerous due to the fact that only 7,000 specimens have been cataloged around the world.


Its population has diminished by more than 60% due to human invasion of its habitat and, again, poaching (also thought to have powers by oriental medicine).

The largest feline on the planet, it roamed freely from Turkey to Russia. Currently, subspecies have disappeared from the Caspian Sea, Java, south of China (only alive in zoos) and Bali.

Red tuna

In serious danger of extinction, measures are being taken to limit fishing it, since the sushi boom has targeted this fish.

Overfishing has reduced its population by 85% in recent years, endangering this species that was so plentiful in the 60’s.

Asian elephant

Mainly endangered due to deforestation of their habitat and to poaching to obtain the valuable ivory of their tusks.

Currently ivory trade is prohibited, but it is still practiced on the black market.

Vaquita porpoise

It lives in the Gulf of Mexico, and in 2012 several organizations counted only 200 of these small, beautiful porpoises.

Its habitat is very small and fishing with nets is making it disappear. This species does not exist anywhere else on the planet.

Mountain gorilla

The plains gorilla appears to be safe. But its mountain cousin could disappear completely by 2025. A critical situation that affects a few populations around the Congo river: Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

The causes? The disappearance of its habitat caused by logging companies and, most of all, once again, poaching. More than 190 park guards have been murdered in the National Park of Virunga, where most of these animals live, an indication of the struggle for their preservation.

Irrawaddy river dolphin

A singular inhabitant of sweet water in Southern and Southeastern Asia, especially concentrated in the Mekong (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos).

It dies due to elevated salinity in the water, the short life span of offspring, contamination in the area and the methods used to fish the recently famous panga fish. In 2011, only 85 of these animals could be found.

Sumatran orangutan

Hunting and sale as pets and the large palm oil industries are the reasons for its critical situation. These consider the orangutan as an enemy of their crops and kill them without pity.

Indonesia has lost more than half the surface of its tropical forest in the last 50 years to favor these plantations. These ape can only be found in Borneo and Sumatra.

Baulan turtle

A species of sea turtle that is in serious danger of extinction along with the leatherback turtle.

Although they increasingly attract tourism, accidental fishing, water contamination and hunting for their shells, meat or eggs has nearly decimated these animals. After 150 million years on the planet, they may not survive the effect of humans.

Top 10 to Top 15

Human actions keep harming the biodiversity of Earth, so we add five animals in this ranking of endangered species. This extension confirms the abuse of man of the rest of the planet and underlines the urgent need for protection campaigns for all species, especially the endangered ones.

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